Due Diligence and IP Audits

Make an informed decision - ask us to carry out an IP Audit on your Intellectual Property Portfolio

We offer the service of conducting IP audits for clients of their own technology or technology that they are considering licensing, purchasing or investing into and become a stakeholder. An IP audit will provide information as to what technology and/or Trade Marks are protected by patents, designs and registered Trade Marks respectively; the scope of protection afforded by the located patents, designs and Trade Marks; the status of the located patents, designs and Trade Marks; and ownership of the technology and/or Trade Marks.  An IP audit can also consider confidential information, know how, trade secrets and copyright.

An IP audit is the first step in organising and appraising your intellectual property and technology.  With an IP audit you are in a position to make an informed decision about future directions. 

We recommend that an IP audit be conducted so that you are in an informed position before making a financial decision regarding the technology or venture.