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Wynnes is a successful Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firm that provides a personal service to clients to protect and manage their intellectual property in the commercial market.

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Succeed with Wynnes

Succeed with Wynnes

Wynnes is a client focused Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firm registered to practice in Australia and NZ. We prepare and prosecute patent, design and trade mark applications in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide through our global network of Associates.  We take a holistic approach to our clients commercial goals and offer services in relation to infringement opinions and avoidance advice, Domestic and International searches, IP dispute matters, confidential information, Plant Breeders Rights and IP Audits.  



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At Wynnes we offer a variety of key services to help manage and protect your ideas.


icon how How we can help you:

  • We can obtain your granted patents, trademarks registration and design registration
  • We can provide opinion and advice on Patent, Trade Mark and Design infringements
  • We can provide advice on how to manage and enforce your Intellectual Property rights
  • We can perform IP Audits and offer monitoring services
  • We can obtain your Plant Breeders Rights registrations
  • We can provide infringement avoidance advice
  • We can advise on Business Names and Domain Name disputes


Wynnes is a Registered Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firm, registered to practice in Australia and New Zealand. We can also protect patents, designs and trade marks in other countries and worldwide through our global network of Associates.
The Attorneys at Wynnes have legal qualifications as well as technical qualifications. These technical qualifications cover chemistry, biotechnology, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as software and electronics.


Why Choose Wynnes

Why Choose Wynnes

Wynnes Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys is a successful professional firm based on achieving and maintaining a high level of quality service and personal relationships with clients.

  • We listen to you and engage with you
  • We will work with you to manage and protect your Intellectual Property assets
  • We give a personalised quality service and have a genuine interest to see you succeed
  • We have a global reach with our IP Associates
  • We are upfront with costs and transparent with our interactions
  • We have a commercial focus


  • Andrew Barter - Tough Problem

    "Toughproblem Consulting has engaged Ewen and Michelle from Wynnes over a number of years for various trademark work.  The level of personal service was excellent and they kept us fully informed of the progress of our applications, as well as determining the most appropriate and cost efficient way to protect our intellectual property assets.  I do not hesitate in recommending them!"

  • Phil Thomas - C-M Concrete

    "With very little genuine innovation in our industry in the modern world, timely protection is crucial. At any one time we may have between 12 and 15 current patents, Wynne Patent Attorneys monitor and provide full service protection”

  • Leslie Hanson - Smart Sinks

    "We both appreciate the way that Ewen and the team at Wynnes work with us, we cannot fault their level of professionalism, friendliness and ease of communication. We would be happy to recommend Ewen and the team at Wynnes IP Attorneys to anyone who has an idea and wants to commercialise it but are not sure where to start."

  • Gavin Jackson - Voyager Gaming Technologies

    "They don’t just offer legal advice, they worked with us and offered suggestions on how we could improve. My experience with Wynnes was flawless. Ewen at Wynnes knows exactly what he is talking about and is with you every step of the way”


    Read about important intellectual property topics which may affect you.

    How To Keep Your Mark Alive

    Your mark, whether it is a logo, a word, a sound, a shape or a combination of things, needs to be properly used in order to protect its status as a trademark. The following are a few guiding principles on how to keep your mark alive:

    1. Your mark is an adjective, and should be followed by generic term and/or brand. For example:
           KleenexTM tissue.

    2. To be identified or have the status as a trademark, your mark should have 1 of the following surrounding text:

           KleenexTM tissue (symbol), KLEENEX tissue (capital letters), "Kleenex"

           tissue (quotation marks), Kleenex tissue (initial capital letter), Kleenex tissue (italics),

           Kleenex tissue (bold font).

    3. Your mark should not be altered, always being used in the same form, including spelling and punctuation.

    4. Your mark should not be pluralized if it is not registered as one. Instead, pluralize the generic term.

    5. If your mark ends in "s" it should not be singularized.

    6. Your mark should not be used as a verb. For example:

           Incorrect: Google a good place to eat for dinner.
           Correct: Do a GoogleTM search for a good place to eat for dinner.

    7. It should not be used in the possessive form, unless your mark itself is possessive. For example:
           Incorrect: Febreze'sTM fresh scent

    Correct: FebrezeTM spray's fresh scent


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