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IP Portfolio Management

We can help you to manage your IP Portfolio and we will advise on the best way for you to manage your IP Records as well, some useful tips are below

How Clients Can Manage Their IP Portfolio effectively

Intellectual property is a complex area of law and there are generally a number of issues to be dealt with for each matter. To keep track of correspondence and paperwork regarding matters, we recommend to clients to set up their files in the following manner.

We suggest that a separate manila folder be used for each matter. In regards to the electronically stored correspondence and information we also suggest that a separate folder be set up for each matter.

  1. We recommend to our clients to use our file reference system that we use in our firm. Firstly, this links the clients file system with our system and secondly, provides an easy way to manage their correspondence. With each letter that is sent from our firm, our letter reference states our file reference. For example, a file reference may be ABC01P01. The ABC01 refers to the company or person; the P refers to the intellectual property type where P is for patents, D for designs, T for Trade Marks and M for miscellaneous; and 01 indicates the matter number for the company or person.
  2. We recommend that each matter irrespective of whether it is for the same country or different country or is a corresponding matter, be the subject of a separate file.
  3. We recommend that all correspondence be placed in the respective file in date order so that letters can be easily found and the progress of the matter make some sense when the file is reviewed.
  4. We also recommend setting up a miscellaneous file for miscellaneous matters which may include a summary of cases, infringement issues and other types of investigations.

We Offer a Free Summary Table of Cases

On an annual basis and free of charge we can prepare and forward a copy of a summary table of each client’s IP portfolio, identifying the IP and next required action and if possible expected costs. Our summary table of cases assists a client in managing their IP and budget for the upcoming year. The preparation and forwarding of additional summary tables of cases within a year will attract a service charge.


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