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To start off our Trade Mark Video Series, Philipp explains the commercial benefits of Trade Mark Protection, and also the potential consequences of not controlling your trade marks.

Presented by:
Philipp Orth – Principal and Attorney

If you need help identifying your IP assets, we are happy to discuss your situation with you in person, over the phone, via email or video chat and provide options and recommendations.

Simplify Your Success –  Let Wynnes take the complexity out of IP protection

Our Trade Mark Attorneys are available for a free consultation. We are happy to discuss your situation with you in person, over the phone, or online.

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Add value to your business with a registered trade mark

When it comes to business, the branding of your products or services is what sets you apart from other traders in the marketplace. Ultimately, your branding is your business identity and the value of your brand lies in its perception by consumers. Therefore, it is important for business to protect their reputation in the marketplace by registering their branding as a trade mark. Trade mark registration is the only way to protect a business’s name and reputation for the goods and/or services they provide throughout Australia.

Can your business name be trade marked?

A major concern when selecting a business name or any form of branding is whether it qualifies for trade mark protection.  This is something many business owners do not consider when choosing a name for their company or product.

Trade mark infringement can stop your business dead in its tracks.  It is important to get the right advice early in the process.

We have prepared a special report to give you a quick and easy overview of trade marks and how registration of a trade mark can add value to your business.

The report also contains useful information about business names and domain names and how they interact with trade marks. As more businesses conduct business online, it is becoming increasingly important to coordinate their business name, domain name and trade marks to present a common impression in the marketplace.

This report will arm you with useful information to maximise the value of your brand. A trade mark is an economic asset and a valuable piece of property to your business. If your trade mark is properly protected and you have the right marketing strategies in place, your trade mark will grow in value.

Don’t take risks – Get the right advice

To help you avoid potential conflicts, Wynnes offer a free initial consultation, providing you with advice and options for protecting your trade marks. You can sit down with experienced patent and trade mark attorneys who will assist you in identifying your IP assets and understanding what can and cannot be protected.


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