Patent Lawyer vs Patent Attorney

In Australia the role of a Patent Attorney is often confused with a Patent Lawyer.  “Patent Lawyer” is a common search mistake when seeking patent protection or dealing with patent infringement.  This is because a Patent Lawyer isn’t a recognised position in Australia.

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Australian registered Patent Attorneys specialise in patent law and in general have a more proficient knowledge of the statutory law and case law, as they deal with these matters daily.

Whether you’re looking to file, renew or dispute a patent in Australia, a Patent Attorney is likely to be your initial point of contact.  At Wynnes we can help identify and protect your IP, provide options and recommendations, and provide you with the right knowledge to better understand patent protection and its benefits. 

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If you would like Wynnes to help identify your IP, provide options and recommendations, we are happy to discuss your situation with you in person, over the phone, via email or web chat.

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Do you require legal representation in a patent dispute?

Lawyers provide representation in legal disputes and court proceedings.  However, attorneys are often consulted as they specialise in patent law and are best equipped for providing practical and experienced advice. 

Speak to Wynnes first and we’ll be able to provide the best advice for all patent needs.


  • Pete Haas - Decktec

    "When we came to the office and showed Philipp a prototype, he really grasped the product and concept without having to double explain things which was great."

  • David Hall - Spade Blade

    "It’s different for the little guys, being a small business and protecting your idea is quite expensive. Ewen understood that. Instead of trying to explain things in legal terms – he introduced the commercial way."

  • Jill Richards - Nature’s Gold

    "Because we are growing so rapidly, it was crucial to keep our IP updated and protected overseas and Wynnes was really efficient in doing so."

  • Tony Lake - MetaFLUSH®

    "Wynnes have been great partners of ours for the last ten years.  We trust them 100% to work with us and act in our best interest at every turn."