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The Market in Australia and New Zealand

By August 3, 2017February 9th, 2023IP Insights

As Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, our clients often ask us to give advice on the countries in which they should file their patent, design and/or trade mark applications.  Most clients will do their commercial analysis regarding the potential markets in the different countries but they will seek our advice and comments to provide a more detailed understanding of the potential markets.

We are often asked for our opinions regarding the robustness of certain economies, the enforceability of IP rights, the importance of IP rights in foreign countries and the potential cost and likelihood of success of litigation.  Consequently, we often ask more questions of our Associates about their country regarding the market and IP situation. 

If we are asking questions of our IP Associates about their country, then we should provide answers to the same questions regarding Australia and New Zealand.

Both Australia and New Zealand have relatively strong economies.

There has been minimal disruption to the Australian and New Zealand economies from the global financial crisis in 2010. Australia was lucky in that a mining boom helped the economy to avoid a financial crisis. 

Australia is a large primary producer of products such as mining and agricultural.  These products include iron ore, coal and gas and wheat, wool, beef and wine.  Australia has a manufacturing sector that produces high-end specialised products usually in relatively small volumes.  New Zealand is a large primary producer of agricultural products including milk, wool, and meat.

Australia is a large consumer market for new technology and high-end products.

Both countries have a relatively high gross domestic product per capita.  The GDP per capita in Australia was approximately 54 thousand US dollars and is the second highest ranked nation in the G20.

Australians are a consumer of goods and have a liking for new technology. Australians and New Zealanders generally have disposable income which they will spend on new technology and other products.

IP in Australia and New Zealand

To file and prosecute patent, design and trade mark applications in Australia and New Zealand, it is a legal requirement that only Australian and New Zealand registered patent and trade mark attorneys file the necessary documentation on behalf of the Associates and their clients.  To find out more about filing and prosecuting patent, design and trade mark applications in Australia and New Zealand click here.

The Wynnes team are here to assist our overseas associates, with any issues or questions regarding Australian and New Zealand IP law practice.  If you have any further questions about the market in Australia and New Zealand, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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