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Our Passion for the Innovation Revolution

By July 5, 2017IP Insights

Imagine a world where you are the first person to see what exciting new inventions will be made public.  15 years ago, Wynnes opened its doors in Brisbane to the IP world.  Since then, we are proud to have been able to help so many innovative people and strive to continue to do so. 

As a group of scientists and engineers we are very practical in the way we look at the world.  We have now been able to translate that knowledge and experience into Wynnes, a group of professional Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys.  Our many years of experience has allowed us to prepare countless legally-robust documents to protect inventions and innovative solutions. 

Over the past 15 years, we have helped individual inventors, small and medium size businesses, tertiary institutions and large corporate companies with IP portfolios. We enjoy the mixed variety of our clients and helping them to protect their inventions is what we are passionate about and keeps us going.

We meet interesting people daily.  People who invent, people who innovate and people who do both and literally burst with ideas.  We enjoy harnessing those ideas, making them real, protecting them and then helping those ideas become a reality in the commercially important market. 


Smart Sinks – They created, we Protected, they obtained Success 

Smart Sinks Blog image

Craig and Leslie Hanson, inventors of Smart Sinks, came to Wynnes with their innovative solution to an ongoing problem.

35 years working in the construction industry as a carpenter gives you a lot of on-site exposure to on site problems, you’ve got be able to think on your feet to solve some of these curly issues and that’s exactly what Craig did when he stumbled across a particle filtration issue. 

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At Wynnes we pride ourselves on our personal touch because it’s what separates us from our competition.  Being able to deliver a solid and professional service directly to you is our passion.  As Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys it is our job to guide you, to help you to protect your IP and ensure that on an ongoing basis you are protected and well managed.

Wynnes continues to grow and as part of that growth we are exciting in welcoming new staff.  We have improved our processes and the way we manage our data, because like every company we are innovating as well.  As part of our growth, we would like to announce the launch of our new website which we believe will further help all our clients.  It will have information for those seeking assistance in the brave new world of invention and innovation and protecting your ideas.

The next time you need useful, productive intellectual property advice (and explained in simple language), contact us and we’ll see how we can help to make the process successful.  We also offer a free initial consultation to our valued clients to ascertain if all your inventions (and recent iterations) are fully protected.

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