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By July 30, 2013IP Insights

Trade mark registration is a must to protect your trade mark with respect to your goods and/or services throughout Australia.

Trade marks are dynamic in nature meaning that the reputation associated with the Trade Mark with respect of the associated goods and/or services produced by the Trade Mark owner grows and proceeds with use in the marketplace.

Because it is important to maintain control over the use of your Trade Mark, it is often not good enough to just register your Trade Mark. Depending on the type of industry in which your Trade Mark is used, it may be worthwhile instigating a watching service to identify others using the same or deceptively similar Trade Marks, use of your Trade Mark as someone else’s domain name, use of your Trade Mark in keywords and metatags in internet/digital content and use of your Trade Mark for someone else’s business name or company name. We offer a series of watching services that monitor the use of your Trade Mark in a variety of environments.

We also offer a service of watching the importation of goods into Australia which your Trade Mark or a deceptively similar Trade Mark. The watching service is conducted through the Australian Customs Service which upon recordal with the Australian Customs Service, they monitor all relevant goods coming into Australia for a period of four years and alerting us if they identify potentially infringing goods. This service is a must in an industry where cheap imports and imitators are rife and they dilute your reputation.

Trade marks are dynamic in the business world and it is often not good enough just to register the Trade Mark. If you would like to discuss the monitoring or the use of your Trade Mark, please contact us at, or (07) 3399 4625.

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