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Designing for manufacture is more than a pretty picture.

By November 9, 2017IP Insights

You have a great product idea – something that hasn’t ever been done before. Now it’s time to put your idea on paper to see how it would look in hope of progressing your idea to manufacture.

One of the mistakes inventors make is to shortcut the design process.

If you are serious about getting your idea produced and commercialised, you shouldn’t get just any designer. It is important your product is designed by an industrial designer that knows about the manufacturing process.

What you don’t want to be left with from the design process are just ‘pretty images’ that won’t successfully translate off the page and into real products.

There’s no point creating a design if the end product is not able to be manufactured like you see it, or it is too costly or timely to manufacture as designed. It may seem obvious, but too often this is the result.

From the start of any project, the end outcomes need to be thoroughly worked through. This includes addressing certain questions:

  • What need is this project addressing?
  • How will it fit in the marketplace?
  • What are the key timelines and delivery timeframe for product in hand?
  • What are the materials to be used?
  • What are the Budget limitations?
  • What are the production and quality control considerations?

The industrial designer that is designing for manufacture will consider all of this and more. They will take a holistic approach, so the design is considerate of manufacturing limitations. The design and manufacturing won’t be separate and sequential stages, but will work in partnership for a more seamless outcome.

This will give you the best chance of commercial success and much more than just a pretty picture.

If you are interested in getting your design work manufactured, contact us and we will help you get in touch with the right people.

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