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APAA 2018 – Wynnes Insights from the Conference

By December 20, 2018IP Insights
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Since attending the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) 2018 conference in New Delhi, we have now had time to digest the developments of the IP industry in our part of the world.

New Delhi was a good setting for the annual APAA conference with clear signs of growth of new businesses and industries. 

The Indian government appeared to be proactive in encouraging innovation in their country.  We understand that the Indian government provides financial incentives to innovation and new businesses and has taken steps to address the backlog in the patent and trade mark offices.


Here are some of my key takeaways from the conference:

  1. The Indian people were open to new opportunities and were individually very aspirational.
  2. Because of the size of the population and wealth of sections of the community, India is a mutable consumer base for a variety of different products. These products would range, between necessities to luxury items, electronic products and software.
  3. The power of numbers also translates to a workforce that can produce our client’s products cost effectively.
  4. In India and other countries, the established manufacturing businesses appear open to exploring and considering more business opportunities with innovators from overseas.
  5. From a broad perspective, the Asian Pacific region appears to be emerging into a serious innovation and manufacturing hub and with the cooperation of IP practitioners, innovators and business people from different countries, the region will become a major centre of technology and industry in the world stage.

The next conference we are planning to attend is the INTA conference in Boston next year.

If you or a member of your firm will be attending INTA 2019 and wish to organise a meeting, please let us know.

Ewen Wynne

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