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10 Weird But Wonderful Inventions

By March 12, 2019January 24th, 2024IP Insights

With decades of combined experience in world of IP, attorneys Ewen and Philipp are exposed to many wonderful, and occasionally weird, inventions.  

Often these types of inventions require us to look beyond the initial obscurity or gimmick to recognise that they actually serve a genuine purpose.

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With decades of combined experience in world of IP, attorneys Ewen and Philipp are exposed to many wonderful, and occasionally weird, inventions.  

This is a perk of the job as we enjoy seeing what inventors come up with.  Whether it be a Ping Pong Door or a Weight Watch Belt, Ewen and Philipp are constantly amazed by innovative ideas.

Often these types of inventions require us to look beyond the initial obscurity or gimmick to recognise that they actually serve a genuine purpose. 

Here are a few favourite picks from the Wynnes team.

The Goggle Umbrella, by Jenna Hsu


goggles umbrella

The downside of most compact umbrellas is that they offer limited protection from the rain.  One of the solutions to this problem is to hold the umbrella lower in order to gain valuable inches of coverage. However, the new issue that follows is your visibility is drastically impaired.

The Goggle Umbrella will be keeping your hair and face dry due to its goggle-shaped lens offering clearer visibility, while keeping you dry.  Even the quirky periscope-like cap provides additional stability for leaning the umbrella up against a wall.

The Hygger Nanuk – Full Body Sleeping Bag



Picture yourself on a camping trip, it’s the middle of the night and you need to use the bathroom. You’re now faced with the decision to leave the warmth of your sleeping bag, endure the cold while you get dressed and make your way to the facilities… or hold on until the morning.

Thanks to the Hygger Nanuk you won’t have to make that decision ever again!

The original warm and lightweight sleeping bag with arms and legs provides you with mobility, comfort and warmth.  It’s lightweight, compact and even comes with a hood, removable booties and hand openings. 

With this much usability, it may be time to replace your entire winter wardrobe.

The Baby Mop, by Better Than Pants


baby mop

The creators of the Baby Mop state five reasons why their product is a necessity in your life:

  1. Teach your baby a strong work ethic early on in their life.
  2. Your baby will learn not to drop and waste food.
  3. Baby will get a nice workout, burn off energy, and do muscle toning. And sleep better too!
  4. Not having to clean your floors saves you time so you can spend it doing things you enjoy.
  5. Save lots of money on house cleaning costs.

While we question the effectiveness of a baby learning anything from the Baby Mop, at least the idea of the baby mop seems wonderful.

The Ostrichpillow


ostrich pillow

Do you struggle to sleep while leaning against a wall?  Upside-down on a shelf?  Or in any position or location that isn’t designed for sleeping?

Struggle no more!  Now you can fall asleep anywhere with a comfortable snugly pillow.  The original Ostrichpillow claims to be the “ultimate immersive pillow”.  Hand-made from viscose and elastomer, with a microbead filling, the Ostrichpillow Original also comes with inserts for your hands, making it perfect for power naps at your desk, lounging at home or travelling. 

Your sanity may be questioned by the people around you, but at least you’ll be well rested and ready to take on those questions.

If you’re looking for a less elaborate sleep blackout solution, Ostrichpillow also offers Light, Go, Loop and Mini versions.

Silent Karaoke Mic – by Utaet Voice Training


silent karaoke mic

Like us you probably wish you could belt out your favourite tracks without fear of waking your roommates or the neighbours. That’s where the Utaet Voice Training Silent Karaoke Mic comes in!

The Utaet is a tool for people who want to practice their singing and voice exercises without disturbing the peace.  This is achieved simply by reducing up to 70% of sound to the outside world.  The sound isn’t completely lost however, with an earpiece attached to deliver the full vocal experience direct to your ear of choice.

If you have been inspired by these weird but wonderful inventions, get in touch with us!

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No idea is too weird for us!

Lazy Basketball Chair – by Emanuele Magini


lazy basketball

Italy isn’t known for their basketball accolades, and we may have found the reason why.

Lazy Basketball is a tall metal-framed chair with a synthetic net backing, topped off with a basketball hoop.

Designer, Emanuele Magini describes it as a playful oxymoron between the need to rest and the desire to move.  Others might describe it as a Workplace Health and Safety concern, but who are we kidding? Most of us would have a ball with these in the office.

Groundwalk Sandals



Aussies love the feeling of grass under their feet.  Aussies also love their thongs and flip flops.  At least that’s what we assume the developers of Groundwalk sandals were thinking when they came up with these gems.

Groundwalk sandals are handcrafted with realistic synthetic grass, the type typically used in parklands and play areas.  Available in 6 strap colour options, for those who still want to colour co-ordinate with their… grass pluggers.

You won’t have to go searching for that rare patch of grass in a concrete jungle anymore.  You can take it with you.  Just be sure you keep them out of reach of your dogs, especially if they’ve been toilet trained on synthetic grass.

Mix Stix Drumstick Spoons, by Genuine Fred


mix stix

Struggling to get the kids or significant other in to the kitchen?  

Motivate them to have a musical time when cooking or baking with these beechwood drumstick spoons.  Earplugs and headphones sold separately.

The Wine Bottle Glass – by BigMouth Inc.


wine bottle glass

Do we need to explain this choice?

Sometimes the walk from your lounging spot to the wine cabinet can be exhausting.

The Cutting Board Meets Bird Feeder


cutting board feeder

Hate wasting crumbs? This innovative idea is the solution you need! An easy DIY project will have you feeling creative and resourceful, with the benefit of making friends with birds.


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