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12 Days of Christmas IP

By February 24, 2022January 16th, 2024General, IP Insights, Patent
With the festive season in full swing, we would like to share our ’12 Days of Christmas’ in the form of Patents, Trade Marks & Designs.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

US3645041A: Method of growing pear trees from slips

Healthy, vigorous pear trees are produced from pear tree slips by treating the bottom section of the slips with an aqueous slurry of proteins and trace quantities of amino acids and then planting the slips directly into a plant growth medium. The resulting trees are usually resistant to pear tree diseases, sustain growth rates which compare favorably with grafted trees, and have significantly lower mortality rates in advanced stages of growth.

Inventor: Leo Addin
Filed: 26/01/1970

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2 Turtle Doves

CN204734963U: Turtledove shape building blocks

This Chinese patent describes turtledove shape building blocks. The building blocks are polygon shaped with each side having a dovetail groove or a dovetail projection on each side in turn, this ensures that a plurality of building blocks can be interconnected.

Inventor: 郭宇芹
Filed: 01/06/2015

3 French Hens

US4366896A: Device for arranging hen’s eggs in erect postures

A device for arranging hen’s eggs in erect postures keeping their acute-curved ends below, which comprises; a plurality of passages which slope downward and through which the eggs are moved downwardly slantwise while being kept in longitudinal postures respectively.

Inventor: Hiroshi Tomosue
Filed: 11/12/1980

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4 Calling Birds

US4950201A: Animal and bird call

US4950201A: Animal and bird call

This invention is a game call for attracting birds and animals. It involves a tube, open at both ends, and a vibratory reed disposed therein. The call is adapted to be held in the hand of the user by the larger of two major parts, the barrel. The second major part, a voice-unit, secures a vibratory reed.

Inventor: Ed. J. Sceery
Filed: 05/05/1989

5 Golden Rings

Trade Mark: Olympic Rings Symbol

While the Olympic rings symbol, the Olympic motto or the torch and flames design are controlled by the International Olympic Committee, they allow national Olympic bodies, like the Australian Olympic Committee, to register certain local Olympic products. In Australia, this is done through the Register of Olympic Designs, which is maintained by IP Australia.

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6 Geese (or Fowl?) a Laying

US3660930A: Egg laying toy fowl

An egg laying toy fowl is disclosed in which a funnel shaped container is provided in the body of the fowl for containing a supply of candy eggs. A lid is provided at the top of the container for filling it with the candy eggs. At the base of the funnel shaped container a sliding door is provided, held closed by a spring. The door is connected to a tail feather of the toy fowl such that movement of the tail feather will slide the door to open position, releasing one egg. A sound box connected to the sliding door makes a noise, such as a cackle, each time the door is moved to open position.

Inventor: Arpe G Indjian

7 Swans a Swimming

USD455388S1: Swan Boat

Ornamental Swan design for a flat bottom boat.

Inventors: Gordon S. McKeeta, Ronald A. Mitchell
Filed: 24/01/2001

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8 Maids a Milking

US1554191A: Milk bottle with indicia pocket

A milk bottle with an indicia receiving pocket on the vertical wall retain a a disk containing certain information. At the time these details were generally found on the bottle cap. In restaurants the bottles usually came to the customer with the cap removed, so that the customer had no means-of knowing the origin and the grade of milk.

Inventor: Edwin T Alexander
Filed: 10/03/1924

9 Ladies Dancing

US5001852A: Tap-shoe tap-sound amplifying device

A pair of tap shoes with an audio-pickup transducer mounted adjacent to each tap, connected to an electronic radio-wave transmitter that sends the signal to a radio-wave receiver to be amplified and broadcast through speakers.

Inventor: Richard Schwartz
Filed: 02/10/1984

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10 Lords a Leaping

US6446966B1: Chess game and method (includes novel chess piece named the Lord)

A chess game and method using a six-by-eight checkerboard-style game board, two sets of game pieces, each (a King, a Queen, a Bishop, a Rook, a Knight, six Pawns, and a novel chess piece named the Lord). The Lord may be moved about the game board one square in any direction from its current square.
The game is played for a fixed duration of time, and points are awarded to the players based upon the number of game pieces remaining on the game board at the expiration of the allotted time. The player having the highest cumulative point total at the end of the game is then declared the winner.

Inventor: Henri Crozier
Filed: 16/03/2000

11 Pipers Piping

US4269104A: Hand flute and percussion instrument

A woodwind instrument in combination with a raised oblong resonance chamber, configured in the shape of a human hand.
The resonance feature is utilized by placing the oblong or blister-like protrusion against the cheek of a user which, when tapped on its opposite side achieves tonal variations as a function of size variation and degree of modulations of the oral cavity.
The woodwind function is achieved by blowing through a mouthpiece (the thumb digit) and egress of wind passing through the finger hole portions of the remaining four finger digits.

Inventor: Earl J. Cantos, Jr.
Filed: 23/11/1979

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12 Drummers Drumming

US4418598A: Electronic percussion synthesizer

An electronic music synthesizer capable of synthesizing the sounds of percussion instruments.
Each transducer is responsive to an external striking force for generating analog pulses, each pulse representing one beat of the respective musical instrument.
The amplitude of the signal representing each beat is proportional to the magnitude of the force used to generate the respective analog pulse. The synthesizer also includes storage and playback circuitry for digitally storing a series of pulses.

Inventor: Scott S. Klynas
Filed: 30/12/1981

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