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Therabubble™ is a revolutionary device using therapeutic pressure and vibrations in water, known as bubble PEP therapy, to improve respiratory function.  Therabubble™ is recognised as the modern bubble PEP device, being purpose-built with enhanced designed features, to help patients safely and effectively complete their respiratory therapy with dignity.  This simple treatment can be used by adults and children with a variety of respiratory conditions to make breathing easier by clearing the airways and improving ventilation.

Therabubble™ was designed by Physiotherapists, Kathryn Potter and Rebecca Houweling of Physiotherapy Innovations, both with years of experience treating respiratory patients.

The goal of Therabubble™ is to provide an effective, affordable, and accessible medical device that respects an individual’s dignity when performing their respiratory therapy.


Kathryn and Rebecca started commercialisation of the Therabubble™ device in 2014 and knew they needed protection for their invention.

The Therabubble™ team found Wynnes online after looking at a number of other patent Attorneys they were not entirely happy with. Kathryn explained that as soon as they met Ewen, they knew straight away that this was the company they wanted to work with.

“He was just so passionate about wanting to know our business. He set realistic expectations for us on costs and time frames, and gave amazing advice.”

Kathryn and Rebecca engaged Wynnes and were provided an IP strategy with options on how they can protect their device and business. Kathryn explained that the advice they received from Wynnes was invaluable and that they went above and beyond expectations at every stage of the process.

“His advice and support spanned across manufacturing, design, growth and business strategy. Ewen has a great network of trusted professionals around him and so is always able to recommend solutions”.

They used Wynnes to prepare and register patents for their Therabubble™ device. When asked if they had experienced any problems with any of their patent or trade mark work, Kathryn said, “Ewen at Wynnes acted on behalf of our patent rights at every stage to maintain security for our brand. We are so confident in Wynnes and everything they do.”

Service is extremely important to Wynnes and Kathryn at Therabubble confirmed that this is evident in how they do business. “They are a pleasure to work with, all of their support staff are polite and courteous, they are flexible with time and nothing is too much trouble for them.”


Since successfully obtaining grant of their patent, Therabubble™ has been purchased by various hospitals and health services across Australia and New Zealand to expedite their patient’s recovery and to help prevent hospital admissions.   The ultimate goal for Physiotherapy Innovations is to help as many people around the world as possible.

Physiotherapy Innovations are also in the process of expanding their overseas distribution of Therabubble™ overseas. Since successfully establishing distribution in New Zealand in 2018 they area currently establishing distributors in other countries.

Physiotherapy Innovations 2019 LBDA

For Kathryn and Rebecca, success has not just been measured in sales, but also in recognition from both industry and community.  Physiotherapy Innovations were announced as Runner Up in the St George Kick Start competition at TEDxSydney in 2019, securing a financial boost to continue pushing their innovation.  They also received a major Community Contribution award at the 2019 Logan Business Distinction Awards (pictured).

In addition to the success of the business, Kathryn has gained national and international recognition for her Indigenous health contribution.  As a Kamilaroi woman, giving back to the Indigenous community, in particular Indigenous health, is something Kathryn holds close to her heart.

In 2018 Kathryn was awarded for her contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health within the Physiotherapy Profession.  In 2019, Kathryn was sponsored to attend the Indigenous Business Master Class Program, MURRA, at Melbourne Business School and the International Indigenous Business Conference in New Zealand, 2018.  Kathryn is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Leadership Forum – Indigenous Women in Business, advocating for improved health outcomes via Indigenous Economic Development.

As part of the Therabubble™ range, in 2016, they released limited edition Indigenous artwork on their units and donated these around Australia to Indigenous communities in need. The effect on patient engagement was overwhelming positive with health professionals, patients and their families requesting access to such units on a permanent basis.  As a result, a permanent Indigenous themed Therabubble™ range was launched at the Australian Physiotherapy Association National Conference in 2017.  These units not only help Indigenous Australians to engage in their respiratory care but also help to celebrate our Indigenous culture.

therabubble pep

My experience with Wynnes is 100% satisfaction. Ewen knows exactly what he is talking about and they are the first people I would always recommend.

therabubble assemble2

His advice and support spanned across manufacturing, design, growth and business strategy. Ewen has a great network of trusted professionals around him and so is always able to recommend solutions.

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