The mobile solution improving dust extraction and ventilation techniques


Within the construction industry, there is heightened accountability and compliance regulations in place, as well as exposure around workplace health and safety. Grydale owner, Andrew Fanning, recognised the need for a mobile solution to dust collection within industries such as mining, tunnelling, abrasive blasting, bulk storage plants and general construction.

“Instead of a dust collector being placed in one fixed location, providing a mobile solution would allow dust and fumes to be collected at the source,” Andrew said.

He added, “Combining mobile dust collectors with excavation machinery reduces the environmental impact and also reduces workplace risk for operators.”

Having over 15 years’ experience in manufacturing fixed dust collectors, Andrew knew what features a mobile dust collector needed to be efficient. Along with his team, Andrew came up with an innovative solution.

The JMS M Series are single mobile collectors that are available as self-propelled units on tracks, or as a cost-effective skid base option, when dust collection needs are relatively static. The complete JMS M Series range can accommodate different air volume requirements and deliver industry leading efficiency via a compact, integrated system that provides enhanced flexibility and mobility.

As a result of their innovation, Grydale’s mobile dust collectors have quickly become the industry-preferred dust collectors across Australia.


In comparison to their competitors, the Grydale JMS M Series of mobile dust collectors have a small footprint and track units that are self-propelled diesel units that don’t require an external power source.

Andrew knew that he needed to seek IP protection for the invention. Asking around and trusting the opinion of close friends, Andrew met with Ewen from Wynnes and told him his idea.

“A friend of mine strongly recommended to see Ewen. As soon as I met with him and started discussing my idea, I knew that I was in capable hands.”

Andrew added, “We have invested a lot of time and resources into research and development for our machines, so it is important that we protect it, otherwise it will have a short lifespan.”


Andrew and his team had envisioned a long successful journey with their all-in-one solutions. Through hard work, dedication and a passion for what they do, they have continued to make that vision come true.

“Our solution is not only mobile, but it is changing production techniques and methodology.  We’ve seen major improvements in worksite efficiency, while keeping sites within WHS regulations,” Andrew said.

Grydale prides itself on being Australian owned with in-house design, assembly and professional distribution.  This solution is being used nationally and has made a significant impact in the industry.

Their journey has had its share of milestones along the way. A critical moment for them in their journey was moving from a small facility to a large one. Andrew explained that the upgrade was a key step to expand their manufacturing in order to meet the growing demand.

“Not only was it a positive moment because it signified our growth as a team and business, but also a critical one because of the many possibilities that could go wrong.”


Grydale have continued to innovate and have launched two new machines within the last four months. The JMS 60 M Series, launched in November 2018, is the largest mobile dust collector on the market. The JMS 50 LS Series is the first hybrid machine produced, that features a diesel engine to operate the tracks and an electric motor to power the centrifugal exhaust fan.

Andrew also explained that Grydale is aiming to make their mark overseas in 2019.

“It’s exciting times right now. We have now established a UK Dealer and are going to be launching Grydale to the European market at the Bauma Trade Show in April. We are also looking ahead to establishing networks in the United States to help our continued growth.”

What started from a small fish in a big pond, Grydale is now a leading provider of mobile dust collectors in the market. Understanding how critical it was to protect the ideas and concepts from larger manufacturers was one of the key components in their success.

“I advise other business owners to protect their expertise and not to underestimate the impact it can have on your business. IP protection is like providing yourself with a safeguard,” Andrew stated.

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Our solution is not only portable, but it is changing production techniques and methodology.

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We've seen major improvements in worksite efficiency, while keeping sites within WHS regulations.

As soon as I met with [Ewen] and started discussing my idea, I know that I was in capable hands.

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We have invested a lot of time and resources into research and development for our machines, so it is important that we protect it otherwise it will have a short lifespan.

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