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The therabubble™ is a revolutionary device used to improve a person’s lung function by expelling air against positive pressure. Positive expiratory pressure therapy, more commonly known as bubble pep therapy also assists in removal of secretions in the lungs. With the therabubble device the positive pressure can be increased as the person’s lung function improves.

The Therabubble™ was designed by physiotherapists, Kathryn Potter and Rebecca Houweling, both with years of experience treating respiratory patients.

The goal of Therabubble™ is toprovide a reliable, cost effective, easily accessible, user-friendly medical device to individuals who need help to improve their breathing through respiratory therapy.



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Kathyrn and Rebecca started commercialisation of the Therabubble device in 2014 and knew they needed some protection for their invention.

The therabubble team found Wynnes online after looking at a number of other patent attorneys they were not entirely happy with. Kathryn explained that as soon as they met Ewen, they knew straight away that this qas the company they wanted to work with.

“He was just so passionate about wanting to know our business, he set realistic expectations for us on costs and time frames, and gave amazing advice.”

Kathryn and Rebecca engaged Wynnes and were provided an IP strategy with options on how they can protect their device and business. Kathryn explained that the advice they received from Wynnes was invaluable and that they went above and beyond
expectations at every stage of the process.

“His advice and support spanned across manufacturing, design, growth and business strategy. Ewen has a great network of trusted professionals around him and so is always able to recommend solutions”.

They used Wynnes to prepare and register patents for their Therabubble device. When asked if they had experienced any problems with any of their patent or trade mark work, Kathryn said, “Ewen at Wynnes acted on behalf of our patent rights at every stage to maintain security for our brand. We are so confident in Wynnes and everything they do.”

Service is extremely important to Wynnes and Kathryn at Therabubble confirmed that this is evident in how they do business. “They are a pleasure to work with, all of their support staff are polite and courteous, they are flexible with time and nothing is too much trouble for them.”


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Kathryn Potter at Therabubble is an Indigenous Woman from Kamilaroi, so giving back to the indigenous community and in particular indigenous health, is something she holds close to her heart. As part of the Therabubble range, last year they released limited edition indigenous artwork on one of their units. The response was overwhelming and as a result Therabubble launched a permanent indigenous range at the National Physiotherapy Conference in 2017, to celebrate Indigenous culture.

The Therabubble device has been purchased by various hospitals and Queensland Health to help in the recovery of their patients. This gives all the more reason to ensure that all IP is registered and protected correctly.

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My experience with Wynnes is 100% satisfaction. Ewen knows exactly what he is talking about and they are the first people I would always recommend”.

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His advice and support spanned across manufacturing, design, growth and business strategy. Ewen has a great network of trusted professionals around him and so is always able to recommend solutions.

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Visit therabubble.com.au

to find out more about the Therabubble PEP device

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